Driving Lessons for Instructor & Franchise

Thinking of becoming a fully licensed driving instructor? Go no further than Chilled Driving Tuition. As the UK’s premier driving academy, we have churned out countless instructors and teachers over the years. With our flexible driving courses, driving schools franchise, and classes, prospective instructors learn from the best in the industry. This includes professional driving teachers with in-depth knowledge of all the safety rules and regulations. Our instructors also have years of extensive experience, and bring a wealth of unparalleled knowledge to all students and potential instructors. With our convenient learning and testing programs, you will get the experience you need to effectively teach others to drive.

The Chilled Way

Like the name suggests, Chilled is a laid-back and smooth environment full of wonderful instructors. We believe in letting our prospective tutors excel their driving mastery and skills at a steady pace. We, however, are strongly committed to all driving safety guidelines and rules. As a result, our extensive training program is rigid in nature – but designed to secure optimal learning at every turn. This includes written road tests, along with actual hands-on driving under the tutelage of industry-leading experts. From service roads and highways to parallel parking and more, we feature a complete suite of learning materials and resources for all new instructors. This prepares them for the road, while learning vital techniques that keep them calm and in control at all times.

Training Courses and Curriculum

If you truly want to become a professional driving instructor, we can turn your dreams into realities. All it takes is a simple registration at our site to get the “wheels in motion”. Our courses and curriculum also include credits and points – which effectively analyze and assess your skills on certification day. In the event that you do not pass, there is always room to retake the courses or tests again. You will, of course, be judged by leading peers on driving mastery, road rules accuracy, vision, and complete knowledge of the highways and rules. There is also a long waiting list for driving instructor certification – so it is essential to register and get started right away.

UK Driving Society

With the UK continuing to grow and expand, there are new drivers on the road each day. In fact, London and several other cities have truly become mobile societies at their very core. With new drivers also comes the demand for new instructors and teachers. At Chilled Driving Tuition, we effectively prepare you for a rewarding and enriching career. No matter how many years you have driven – there is always room for improvement and to learn new ways to enhance your skills!