Western Slope Driving Academy is in the process of closing our operations.  Dorathy is looking forward to retiring even though she knows she will miss the interaction with the students.  We will finish all the "drives" that we have contracted for, but we are no longer accepting new students or holding any more classroom sessions.

Since we began in 2004, we have trained more than 1150 students, and we are proud of our service to parents and our success with our students.  To the amazement of our insurance agent, we have not filed a single claim of any kind related to student driving.

It is our hope that our students will drive for the remainder of their lives in a safe and defensive manner.  We apologize to those who were "counting on us" to train their younger children, and we especially thank those famlies who showed such loyalty to us by sending more than one child for training.

We continue to offer Driver License Road Testing as described in the "Testing" section.

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